Foundation Alumni Support-Emeriti and Retiree Groups

Thanks for your continuing support! We're pleased to provide access to relevant insurance solutions that will help you maintain your support.

UCSC CampusConnexions Foundation Alumni Support-Emeriti and Retiree Group Insurance Plans

FAS Event Liability

The University provides Event Liability coverage for events sponsored by UC-affiliated foundations, alumni associations, and support groups. Learn how to qualify your event for coverage under this policy.

Tenant User Event Liability

Are you involved with an on-campus activity sponsored by a third party? The university demands that any third party using the campus for events such as concerts or exhibitions be adequately insured. A convenient source for this coverage is our Tenant User Event Liability Program (TULIP).
Event Cancellation

Have you considered what would happen if you had to cancel your event—because of a fire,  airline strike, flood, hurricane or some other reason outside your control?  Event Cancellation insurance helps protect against this risk.

Prize Indemnity
Imagine the turnout and excitement when you offer a valuable prize at your event.  Just picture the sign..."Million Dollars for a Hole In One!"  You'll be amazed at how little it costs to obtain insurance for this type of event through a Prize Indemnity plan.
Bequeathed Property Reporting

Do you have a bequeathed property you need to report but aren't sure what to do? Our online instructions make it easy to report your bequeathed properties. Learn more today.