Faculty/Staff Insurance

The University's general liability insurance covers you while you are acting in the course and scope of your University employment. But what about when you're acting as an individual, including occasions when you use campus space for a personal event, such as a wedding at the Botanical Garden or a slide show of your vacation in a general assignment classroom? 

The following insurance coverages may be helpful to you.

UCSC CampusConnexions Faculty and Staff Insurance Plans

Tenant User Event Liability

Are you involved with an on-campus activity sponsored by a third party? The university demands that any third party using the campus for events such as concerts or exhibitions be adequately insured. A convenient source for this coverage is our Tenant User Event Liability Program (TULIP).
Event Cancellation

Have you considered what would happen if you had to cancel your event—because of a fire,  airline strike, flood, hurricane or some other reason outside your control?  Event Cancellation insurance helps protect against this risk.

Prize Indemnity
Imagine the turnout and excitement when you offer a valuable prize at your event.  Just picture the sign..."Million Dollars for a Hole In One!"  You'll be amazed at how little it costs to obtain insurance for this type of event through a Prize Indemnity plan..
Renters Insurance

A common misconception among students and campus residents is that their school will cover or replace their belongings in the event of a loss, but in most cases it will not. Renters Insurance helps protect against this risk.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance coverage for employees and students traveling on official University business that is provided by the University and also available for purchase for personal travel needs.